Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost more to have a dress custom made as opposed to ordering a dress from one of your suppliers?
It usually cost more to have a dress custom made as opposed to ordering from a store bought dress, due to the fact that dresses made in factories are mass produced in the orient, therefore the cost to supply such a dress is significantly reduced.

Do you rent gowns or dresses?
Yes, we do rent bridal gowns. See our bridal gown rental page.

Do you buy used, old or previously owed dresses in new condition or know anyone who does?

Are you able to create a gown just by looking at a picture?
Yes we can.

If I decide to have a gown or dress custom make can I make changes to the dress after I do my fitting?
You are free to make any changes you wish at any time providing that the designer has the appropriate time needed to make these changes. However any design changes which deviate from your original choice and instruction will result in additional charges. Minor sizing and choosing the length or your dress is included in the price of your dress to be done only once.

What if I lose or gain weight after my measurements are taken, will my custom made dress be resized to fit me for my special occasion.
When you order a custom made dress the dress is cut and sewn to fit your measurement as taken in our store. If you are losing or gaining weight after your measurements are taken it is your responsibility to communicate this to the staff at Jean's Fashions before your garment is cut. Failure to do so will result in additional charges for resizing the garment(s).

How much time is required to make my custom-made dress or couture gown?
We ask that customers place orders for custom-made dresses and prom gowns a minimum of 6 – 8 weeks in advance of their wear date. For couture gowns and bridal gowns we ask for a minimum of 12 weeks or more. The more detailed the garment is the more time we will need to create it. These time frames are guidelines only, we will do custom orders within shorter time frames at the customers request whenever we can. Certain times of the year we are able to rush custom orders (ie. 3 weeks or less).

Can I purchase a gown on-line or over the telephone?
All dresses must be ordered directly from our store. However, because all sales are final, we strongly encourage you to visit our store to make a purchase. This will allow you to utilize the expertise of our Bridal Consultants, and a chance to try on all of the styles you like. Bridal gowns fit differently than other clothing, so the correct size for you is likely to be different from the size you wear in everyday clothing. It is important for you to know that all sales are final, and we do not accept returns or exchanges. This is the standard practice in the bridal and special occasion business.

Do I need an appointment?
We encourage you to make an appointment so that we can provide a more personal service experience. However, we occasionally run behind during busy times. If this occurs, we'll do everything possible to make your wait a short one. Here's a tip: if your schedule permits, make an appointment for a weekday. Since we are less busy during those hours, we'll have more time to help you find everything you need for your dream wedding. Walk-in customers are always welcome. Please note that Saturday appointments are usually mandatory.

Can I get extra fabric?
Fabric can be ordered from some manufacturers. Your wedding consultant can check on the availability of fabric. Dyelots can vary, therefore it is not always recommended.

What if I don’t see the gown I want on your website?
We specialize in couture and custom-made garments therefore we can create a unique design for you from scratch. We invite you to bring in your own pictures, perhaps even combining 2 or 3 dresses to create the gown of your dreams or you like some aspects of the gown but would like us to make some changes we are capable of doing that for you. If you are not sure what you want you are welcome have our designer create something unique and special for you.

Do you provide alterations?
Our in-store alterations department can custom fit any of the merchandise we sell. Charges are based on the work that needs to be completed. Ask the staff for an estimate based on your needs.

How will my out-of-town bridesmaids order their dresses?
Out-of-town bridesmaids may call in or send us their measurements by email. We will construct their gown and when they come into town for the wedding we will do their fitting at that time and make any necessary adjustments. When we have out-of-town clients we always reserve extra time to do their fitting and make adjustments, as we are aware that these are mitigating circumstances.

Who should I call if I have further questions or concerns?
The Bridal Consultant at the store would be happy to answer your concerns. Click here for the store contact information.

Do you provide alterations to gowns that are purchased elsewhere?
We are pleased to provide all our clients with alteration services regardless of where their gown was purchased. You will definitely want to find a true professional tailor to alter one of the most important items of clothing you will ever purchase. You can also virtually recreate a less than perfect gown or start from scratch with some pictures from magazines with a talented tailor. See our alterations page for some standard alterations.